Recording Updates & Palm Beach Co Requirements

Updates for all recording jurisdictions in the state of Florida:

5/31/2024 –

Effective May 31st, 2024, Lee County, Florida requires that all property deeds being recorded must include a copy of the grantor’s and grantee’s government-issued photo identification, per Florida Statute 28.2225. This requirement only applies to deeds and is currently exclusive to Lee County.

Key Points:
1. Accepted IDs: US or foreign driver’s license, passport, ID card, military ID, Matricula Consular ID, or permanent resident card.
2. Redaction: All details except name, address, photo, and signature may be redacted.
3. Legibility: IDs must be scanned legibly.
4. Representatives: Those signing on behalf of a grantor/grantee must provide their ID and state their role on the document.
5. Exemptions: Certain deeds, such as certificates of title and tax deeds, are exempt.
6. Confidentiality: IDs are stored as non-recordable documents in the County database and are only accessible through an official records request.

For more details on the Lee County Identity Verification Pilot Program, visit: [Lee County Clerk – Identity Verification Pilot Program]

1/1/2024 – Due to recent legislative changes, certain documents recorded into the Official Records in counties across Florida will now be required to include the postal address of each witness. These upcoming changes, which can be found in Fla. Statute 695.26, will affect recording requirements statewide.  Beginning on January 1, 2024, the Clerk’s Office will not be able to accept affected documents submitted for recording without the required witness address information.


9/2/2022 – Palm Beach County is now requiring a “Prepared By” Statement on all documents. Per Florida Statute 695.26(1)(b) documents for recording that affect real property require the name and address of the person who prepared the document. 

You can add this on the top of an old form by handwriting it in along with your name and address in the top left corner of the document. No company addresses, this must be the name of a person.

Submitting Notices of Commencement for Recording

  • Must be scanned as Black & White 300 DPI.
  • Must be a full-sized image.
  • Font size must be large enough to be legible when printed.  (Font should be standard 10 point or higher in Times New Roman or equivalent.)
  • If handwritten, must be neatly printed to ensure legibility.

You can download their new NOC form here.

All other forms here.


Also note that some of Palm Beach County building departments require a certified copy of NOCs and we are not able to order those for you at the time of recording.  You will need to contact the county after the document is recorded or order them here once recorded.

Effective January 1, 2024, certain documents recorded in Palm Beach County’s Official Records must include the post office address of each witness, in addition to the witness’s name.  The new requirement applies to any “instrument by which title to real property or any interest therein is conveyed, assigned, encumbered, or otherwise disposed of.”  All deeds and easements notarized in Florida require witness names, so these documents will now require witness addresses.  Other documents “by which title to real property or any interest therein is conveyed, assigned, encumbered or otherwise disposed of” may or may not have witnesses, but an address is required if a witness is included.  For more information, go to the Palm Beach County Clerk’s website located here: Recording | Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, Palm Beach County (

All deeds must have a grantee address per FS 695.26

Submitting Death Certificates for Recording

  • Must be scanned as Black & White 300 DPI.
  • Must be a full-sized image.
  • Watermarks should not be so dark that they obscure information.
  • All margins must be intact once scanned.
  • Do not alter the Death Certificate, including redaction of information, notes or markings not made by the Bureau of Vital Statistics.